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In October 2017, La-fusion cafe opened its doors at Ivirne Park Tower, Fort Road Medical building. With this flagship location, we sought to be the only small local business spot to introduce the first electic menu of globally-influenced fare in 291 W 7th street St. Paul MN and 360 Sherman St. Paul. With a great collection of delicious signatures, events and cocktails, we have evolved into a difinitive Vegan friendly dining experience in Twincities. La-fusion Cafe is a social hub and a lifestyle in the buzzing Fort Road Medical a residential and commercial complex. We believe that dining is about so much more than food, that’s why we feed the gluten free friendly story and our brand has become synonymous with first service, fresh food that’s healthy, delicious and affordable, authentic flavors and a delightful experience that has created the La-fusion experience.

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